What Do You Get from a Shu Ren Education?


What We Are

What We Are Not

Goal of Learning

To build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills on top of solid academic skills

To pass standardized tests

To engage in in-depth learning and inspire a lifelong love of learning

To memorize textbook contents/facts

To acquire global perspective & competence



Inquiry-based & transdisciplinary: Integrated curriculum in which all academic subjects are united through central themes using both Chinese and English

Academic subjects are taught in isolation

Focused on age-appropriate development of the whole child with art, music, emotional and social development, and physical activity integrated into curriculum

Focused primarily on academic achievement

Immersion Model

Two-way immersion:

-   100% Mandarin instruction in Pre-K

-   1 hour/day of English instruction in K & G1

-   50%/50% between Mandarin and English from G3

Chinese instruction for 1-2 hours a day

Mandarin is used to teach all academic subject areas including math, social studies, science, and so on.

Chinese is taught only as a language, but not used as a language of instruction for all academic subject areas

Style of Instruction



Prioritizes group collaboration, problem-solving, & critical thinking

Emphasizes teacher-directed learning


/Student Ratio

Low to ensure individualized instruction & differentiated learning (usually from 1:6 to 1:8)

Large classes with high teacher to student ratio (often 1:20 or higher)

School Teachers and Staff

Many with Masters Degree or higher in both China/Taiwan and the U.S.; low staff turnover


Bilingual and bicultural with in-depth understanding of U.S. and Chinese educational approaches

Collaborative working-style in curriculum development and lesson planning among teachers

School Community

Diverse and engaged families

(from more than 10 countries and many different races and ethnicities)